Wednesday 6 January 1999


Pic of the day: The hair-raising effects of hair-washing. To further aid your imagination, my hair now smells of pine needles, without the necessity of plucking fresh pine needles in the middle of the dark and rainy night and stuff them in my hair, lots of them. Ain't science grand?

--As for the reason why I don't have a webcam myself, purely economic. Here in Norway, Internet and local calls cost approximately an Euro (or ca $1.1) an hour. That's not a lot, but it's a lot if you let it just run for hundreds of hours. In fact, my experience with the phone bill after a severe bout of online MUD playing has shown me beyond reasonable doubt that enormous phone bills are out of my league, me being solidly in the "working class" financially. (Though I probably spend more energy on avoiding work than on actually working. :)

In fact, I don't watch other people's cams for long periods of time either. I write my diary offline, and my e-mails, and my UseNet posts. Then I go online to update, and at the same time look at online newspapers etc, and check in on people's webcams and read their diaries. Then I log off. So while I spend the entire afternoon and evening in front of the computer, I am only logged on a much shorter time, perhaps half an hour or two.

"What race is your dog?" "I don't care about race. It is enough for me to know that he is Catholic."

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