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Tuesday 2 January 2007

Carton crate with comic books

Pic of the day: This crate is so heavy I could not lift it with both arms, and it is packed full of comic books I didn't have time to read where I lived before, and now again not here. I have another smaller crate elsewhere with absolutely essential comic books I don't read either.

Short: Still plenty

I have been here a year less one month. I still have some boxes that have not been opened except to see what was inside. I still have not used half of my clothes. I have barely opened any of the books that I brought with me, a tiny fraction of what I once had. I have barely listened to any of the CDs I carried along.

I threw away so much when I moved a year ago. But I could have thrown away so much more, and I probably will, if I live long enough to have another such excuse. Though I will probably keep a wide range of trousers in different sizes, since my weight varies slowly over time. And I know a small number of books that I actively plan to read again, though I will probably give the physical books away if they come as e-books. E-books are just so much more convenient.

I have no idea how long I can stay here. I enjoy it here, despite the house really being twice as large as I need, and poorly insulated. (Despite the mild winter, the living room is now definitely too cold to actually stay in.) Did I mention that the electricity company is offering heat pumps, payable in modest rates over the utility bill? But unfortunately in this case the owner of the house is not the one that pays the bills. I probably wouldn't have done it anyway, since I only heat less than half the house. And the landlord has no incentive to do it. So it doesn't happen.

I'll probably look for a basement again if I have to move soon. This is just overkill, no matter how nice it is. Then again, I might look for a small house further out in the countryside. Prices drop dramatically with distance from the city, and as long as it is less than half an hour from a bus stop, it is central enough for me. I don't suddenly feel the urge to drop by the nearest cafe for a cappuchino or whatever they are called. And I like peace and quiet. But as far as material possessions go, I have too many, and a house really is overkill. The best thing is that I can flush the toilet at 3AM without waking any babies. ^^

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