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Monday 5 December 2005

Screenshot anime Rizelmine

Pic of the day: The amazing effect of prolactin on the gender for which it was meant. Coming soon to a little girl near you.

Fast forward

This day is remarkable in my sight mainly because Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS came out in America today. Of course I don't live in America, but I have tried to bribe a good friend to send it to me. If I'm lucky, it may be here before the holidays, depending on the mail carrier. The near-monopoly Postal Service in Norway is known to be irregular at the best of times. December is not the best of times when it comes to mail.

Tomorrow is when I'm going to the hospital to have my head scanned. Not because of the weird thoughts in there, but because of the hypophysis, the pituiatary gland, which is responsible for flooding my blood with prolactin, the hormone that makes my nipples swell and itch. If I had just one more X chromosome in each cell, the reaction to prolactin would have been a lot more dramatic ... it is the hormone that is poured out during the last part of pregancy that causes women to buy substantially more sizable bras.

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