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Saturday 15 April 2006


Pic of the day: In my living room there's a double-glass door out. Imagine my surprise when I come and find it blocked by a sleeping cat. I did not even know I had cats. I can't blame it though, the south wall must be one of the warmest places right now. After a long winter, cats and people could both appreciate that.

Fast forward

Saturday is a nice thing, in this case because it has a few hours of open shops in between the two sets of "Sundays". Great for us with small fridges. Of course Jews and Adventists don't benefit from that, but we all have to sacrifice something for what we believe in, right? Besides, unleavened bread is quite durable.


Added a "TOS" to the main page, telling people that it's not OK to steal my stuff or hotlink to it where I can't see what you're doing with it. You'd think it was obvious, but the Internet is now present in weird places.

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