Thursday 15 April 1999

fake painting

Pic of the day: Portrait of the young man as an artist, or something.
Travel where your dreams are bound, I'm waiting here.
Always silent, lacking words, because you are too near.

Another long day in town. Consequently it's now well past midnight, and I'm not having fun yet. Downloaded the new Internet Explorer 5, which I've also installed at work. It's supposedly much faster than IE4, which would definitely be a good thing. I use Opera for my everyday surf, but I use IE for uploading webpages to Crosswinds, the utils don't recognize Opera. I've spent much of the evening there again, moving a couple more months over, though I haven't linked them in yet.

My supply of American superhero comics has collapsed, as I may have mentioned. Today I've ordered a few series elsewhere. Fairly mainstream stuff, such as Legionnaires, X-man, and Strangers in Paradise. Oh yeah, and the irrepressible Gen13 of course.

Had phone calls from two nice young women. That's bound to be a good thing, and no less so when they're bright and interesting. Health permitting and such, I'll probably spend the next weekend (not the one tomorrow) with the Supergirl and her relatives. I'd not be contrary to recharging my aura a little.

*sigh* I put more poetry here, but at the last moment I noticed how late it is in the night and remembered how wildly inappropriate these things tend to look in daylight. I'm gonna thank myself tomorrow, I guess.

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