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Saturday 24 September 2005

Screenshot anime Bleach

Pic of the day: Yeah! It's time to be decisive! I think...

Working Saturday

That's not something I usually do. I'm one of those people who prefer less work over more money, given the choice, and in affluent Norway that is quite possible, at least for us who live by our brains.

But something came up at work (well, things have been coming up all week, but yet another thing) and so I decided to take care of it myself. As usual my non-disclosure agreement (and sense of self-preservation) keeps me from telling you any details.

Now my hand hurts again, for the first time in a while. Not as badly as it usually does this time of the year, though.

When I came home, there was a slip in my physical mailbox from my electricity utility, which also is my next Internet Service Provider. I guess this is about the latter, unless the bill is a lot bigger than I'm used to ... it looks like a packet is waiting at the post office. But I came home too late to fetch it before the weekend.

It is kinda nice to be all alone at work, since I can sing (albeit quietly) all the time. I wonder if lots of people do that when they are alone at work, or is it just me and Tsaiko?

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