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Friday 5 October 2007

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Pic of the day: To ignore your dreams is to ignore your own heart! But I think almost any heart would understand this one.


This morning I dreamed that I had moved from one (fictional) apartment to another. I was currently in the old apartment, and it was two days past the time I should be out of it. But there was still a lot of stuff there. Unfortunately there was also a lot of stuff in the new, for some reason. I just had too much stuff. The landlord and his wife showed up. They were very relaxed about the whole thing, as the apartment was to be taken over by a family member of theirs anyway and there really was no hurry. While we were there, the landlord's wife opened a door I had never opened, as I had presumed that it led to their some part of the house that I did not rent. I had been mistaken. It turned out that in all the years I had lived there, I had only used about half of the apartment I had rented.

There is probably some deeper meaning in this. I have some ideas.

I distinctly remember that one of the rooms I had not used was a nice bedroom with a double bed. But in the part where I had lived, all the furniture had been my own. Even in the dream I briefly noticed this discrepancy. I am not convinced that this has any deeper meaning, but who knows.

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