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Tuesday 31 October 2006

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Pic of the day: This time I really will do it! ... I think.

The quiet before the writing

October 31st. It is a very special day for all us NaNoWriMo people. It is the last day of relative normalcy (some would say sanity) before the clock strikes midnight and all creativity breaks loose.

For Americans and several others, it is also Halloween, which probably helps somewhat. I am happy to say that my neighborhood here on the very outskirts of the Norwegian suburbs have not yet taken up "trick or treat". Not that I would have opened up anyway. I have read Watchmen, after all. And being an old night owl, well... (If you have still not read Watchmen the graphic novel (not THAT kind of graphic, sheesh) it is about time you do. It is highly disturbing, which is bound to be a good thing. Also I refer to it from time to time, although mostly to Dr Manhattan, with whom I feel a certain kinship. Not least on a day such as today. Tonight my mind moves to a simpler galaxy. I have regained my interest in humans, I think I will create some...

For the last couple weeks, my day rhythm has been really messed up. In the evening I become unbearably sleepy, but I wake up again at 23 or thereabouts (that's 11PM for those who can't count to 24) and am wide awake till 5. But not tonight. I am too excited to sleep, or even nap. As it is the last night of the City of Heroes Halloween season, I go online a little while and mop up a few more costume pieces. I have already written on the LJ forum for the game, explaining my coming absense or at least rarity in the game. Turns out a few fellow heroes are in the same boat. Perhaps one year I am going to write about superheroes. What is the old adage? "Write about what you know." Heh.

I put in a few minutes with my NaNo Sims before the magickal hour. The weather has suddenly turned clear and cold tonight, after days and days of rain. The moon, more than half full, is out. And then it begins, again. I disappear to a galaxy where everything is simpler. Because you know that in this world, everything fits together except the humans...

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