Coded green.

Tuesday 10 October 2006

Screenshot Oblivion

Pic of the day: This picture is from Oblivion, the role playing game. But my lawn wasn't much better. At least it was mostly flat.

Short: Autumn, this?

I had to mow the lawn, as it was getting horribly shaggy. Near the middle of October, in Norway! (A country that lies as far north as Alaska.)

Not complaining. With the price of electricity (and other heating) so high, I'm happy for every day I can get on with just natural heat. But remarkable it is, after this spring where I wondered whether the Gulf Stream really had failed and the next Ice Age was approaching.

I had a head cold this weekend and still have; or rather it is returning to claim the other side of my head. I was home sick yesterday and will be tomorrow, but today I mowed the lawn.

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