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Saturday 15 November 2003

Screenshot anime Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

Pic of the day: Another picture from anime Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. I have seen more episodes later, and I think the message may be: "Just say NO to naked friends who try to cheer you up." Or perhaps "Choose one girl and stick with her", which seems oddly appropriate for the novel. But I cannot see me messing up my characters' lives that badly.

Day of the dizzy spell

I should probably say something so people don't think I'm dead. (Those who don't read my livejournal, that is.)

I was thinking about writing more about myself and magic. But thinking is one thing, doing is another. I decided to give priority to my novel for this time. (I am halfway through November but not through my novel, or even the required 50 000 words.) Besides, I have written about these things before. If I cannot do it better than before, I guess I may as well wait.


Since I have been on sick leave most of this week, the days have started to blur. But today was the day when I had two dizzy spells. I am not sure why, but perhaps it was just the change in blood pressure when my bowels prepared to run wild again, as they did later. But before that, I had taken an hour's walk, to the shop and back. I have done that each day of my sick leave. After all, I usually walk an hour or so outdoors during a workday. And it is my arm that needs rest, not my legs.

Either the speech recognition program is getting more used to me, or I am getting more used to it. I can now routinely dictate a short chapter or half of a long one. It is considerably slower than typing, and really weird errors sometimes sneak in. But my hand and wrist both thank me.

I do feel better now, but I don't know how much is due to using more speech recognition, how much comes from not being at workplace, and how much (if any) stems from occasionally rubbing a small amount of painkiller gel into the top of my hand and wrist.

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