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Wednesday 22 May 2002


Pic of the day: Another lower lifeform for your viewing pleasure. I hear that even King Solomon wasn't as festively dressed as some of these. Ironic, isn't it? Not that I would know.


My hand was somewhat improved today. However, I blew it on writing a new chapter in my fantasy fiction for my friends. It's been some weeks, so I gave it priority. Sadly this means I don't have the hand to write an entry now. I have to be ruthless sometimes, and it cannot always be to myself.

I also installed Trillian today, the IRC and IM client. Sadly, I don't have the hand to use it either. Well, I could, if there were talkative enough people that I need not exert myself. There were not, but maybe another day. Trillian combines IRC, MSN, AIM and ICQ. If those 3LA's mean nothing to you, that is fine. They are ways of chatting on the Net. I do have an ICQ account, but mostly I use IRC when at all. IRC is the common chat rooms with several people, while ICQ and the other two are usually used for 1-to-1 communication. Ironically, I prefer being alone with people. But the people I prefer being alone with, rarely use this kind of technology.

Anyway, it installed easily, was easy to set up, and I eventually got it running by right-clicking all over the surface of the program until the right choices came up. OK, not all over, just on several of the itty bitty tiny icons. I have used MS Chat for IRC until now, which was quite user friendly but eventually messed up its settings so bad it did not even help to uninstall and re-install.

c u, k?

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