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Tuesday 14 March 2006

Snowy landscape

Pic of the day: Still winter.

Fast forward

I just want to point out ... in my three years ago entry, I mentioned that [Telehuset] estimated I would get my Plextor Plexwriter back after about 2 weeks. It has now been 3 years. Of course, a main reason for this would be that I haven't asked for it, since I have a much better CD burner now, the LiteOn. In fact, it is the only CD unit on the computer I write this on, because the built-in CD-ROM is dead. This is a recurring problem with my Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo machines. That, and the fan. But they are cheap, easy to take apart and put together, and generally can still be used until they become obsolete.

In other news, winter seems to be drawing to a close. It hasn't snowed for a while, and the temperature now regularly dips above zero during the day. Indoors, I can turn off the electric heating in my living room before going to work, because the large windows catch so much sun during the day, it lasts until well into the night. There are still 2 feet of snow outside, at least less than 3, I think. But I am definitely starting to think that I may see the end of it before I move out in June. ^^

(If I live that long, that is... dentist tomorrow! Eep!)

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