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Wednesday 24 March 2004

Screenshot anime Naruto

Pic of the day: Downtrodden woman from the anime Naruto.

Still the same

No real entry today either. But I warmly recommend my entry from two years ago: Chained bird. It is one of the best I have ever written, and it is every bit as true now as then. In the meantime I have read that some people who are unable to paint all their lives, suddenly become decent painters when Alzheimer's strikes them and damages the verbal parts of their brains. This verifies my observation that the images are in there, but are ripped to shreds by my analytical mind. Even so, I am in no haste to get Alzheimer's. I kinda like me the way I am.

And I am not changing much, I see. I still have not finished reading the feminist Arthurian fantasy I reviewed four years ago. Sorry, but it was simply too dumb in the long run. I still think it will have an appeal to downtrodden women even if they are not dumb, because there is simply not a lot of professionally written fiction for downtrodden women. But I am not one of them, as those who know me can attest.

Rejoice all ye people, for there will be a full length entry for Friday already. God willing, of course.

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