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Tuesday 23 March 2004

Picture anime Daa Daa Daa

Pic of the day: Whatever it is, I'm loving it. (Screenshot from the anime Daa Daa Daa.)

What's with the journal?

More exactly, what happened to the "daily" journal, the "always" updating?

Well, in part I guess it's old age. I'm 45, and while my old brain can still do most things it could when I was young (and then some), it does so more slowly. It is not really (yet) brain damage, but rather the entire metabolism slowing down. Few can run as fast as before when they reach these years, and even wounds will heal more slowly. So it is no wonder that time seems to move faster; we move slower.

Also, as you may have noticed, writing has become gradually more painful to me. It is no longer the pleasure it used to be, because of the pain in my arm. This probably doesn't help either. So I was already lagging behind when a new, unexpected event suddenly laid claim to much of my time.

I've promised to not give away any secrets, and I won't. But it's something I like to do, and which I feel is useful. Oh, not in the grand scale of things. But it makes me feel wanted, and when I like it too, it's a deal. (OK, as long as it is not illegal for a reason, seriously immoral or overly fattening.) So I basically spend my free time on this, from Wednesday through Saturday. Not only am I not allowed to write about it, but I don't really have time to write either. I barely have time to sleep. And it is likely to only expand, for a while.

But only for a while. I think. I like to imagine that when I am no longer needed, I will again stabilize in a similar pattern as before. I cannot promise it, of course. The future is notoriously hard to predict until it is over. But I wouldn't delete the bookmark to my site. Well, unless I was really angry at me.

And the good news is that you can get on my update mailing list any time you want. Just write me and ask me to be added to the list and I'll do it. Be sure to put something like "Chaos Node" in the subject line so I don't mistake it for spam. I get a lot of spam these days so I may not read every e-mail individually if it has a very bland subject line like "Hi" or "".

But for the silent majority, a good bet is that I'll update three days a week or so for a while. Probably not forever; one way or another it will change. But it seems a reasonable guess right now.

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