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Wednesday 10 March 2004

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Pic of the day: Conspiciously absent from the list is LOVE. And don't look at me for more info about it ... Far as I am concerned, it's included under "giving". Or the other way around. I think it's the same thing. I concede it sometimes feels different, though. (Screenshot from Sims2 preview.)

Happiness rules

Well, it does. But this time I'm talking about something I saw at The Hungersite. They sell a small bag containing five tokens, each inscribed with a rule for obtaining happiness. Notice that we're talking happiness here, not pleasure or even joy. It is imperative to understand the difference. Happiness is a long-term sense of satisfaction, that you're where you should be, that you live the life that you meant to live.

This is all good advice, although it is pretty clearly tailored for their customers. I'll comment briefly on each of them.

1 - Free your heart from hatred.
In theory at least, this is a central tenet in both Christianity and Buddhism. In Christianity, forgiveness is the very foundation of the religion, and Jesus makes it abundantly clear that God's forgiveness won't stick if we don't forgive others. That's pretty scary and I really hope I won't get into anything I can't forgive. Anyway, it's not like hating people hurts them as much as it hurts you. Besides, it clouds your mind. If nothing else then this.

2 - Free your mind from worries.
Worry is good and natural, when it prompts us to take care about things we can do something about. People who don't worry should never be let out in the traffic. It's when we worry about things we cannot do anything about that it's harmful and a waste of energy. It also makes us bad company. Usually it is possible to see right away which worry is which. Putting your mind to rest is another matter, it may take a lot of training even if you are mentally healthy.

3 - Live simply.
This should probably be before the previous one, as a complicated life leads to needless worries. And let me add, a simple life isn't just about not hoarding furniture and textiles and such, though that certainly helps. But lies (even white lies) and hypocrisy also make life horribly complicated, because you need to remember your lies so you can keep them up, while at the same time also remembering real life so you don't go stark raving mad. The more roles you play, the more complicated your life. Lying is a highway to stress.

4 - Give more.
Well, of course they would say that! I think this kinda follows naturally when you reduce your greed and let your thoughts dwell on what you have rather than what you want. Trying to give while you are in a mood of greed will cause pain and you will give it up quickly.

5 - Expect less.
This is the key to happiness, I suspect. Certainly the Buddha seems to have thought so as well. When it comes to other people, this kinda comes with experience, since people generally don't live up to many expectations except that they will try to put their own spoon in every pot they see. But life itself is not a nice momma. It will eventually kill us, either suddenly or slowly. When we realize that there is only one exit, we can realistically live our lives while we have them. This is very different from a "goth" obsession with death and decay. It is more about making an informed decision, in as much as we can do that.

In short, then: He who dies with the most toys doesn't win. He who lives with a content and grateful heart wins, for he remains in happiness while here. And what happens after that, is a matter of faith.

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