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Tuesday 9 March 2004

Me with new threads

Pic of the day: Is this what English-speakers call a "jersey"? Because if so, I have just bought New Jersey.

New threads

As shown on the picture, I have bought clothes again. In my defense, a couple of the older ones were getting frayed, and most of the rest were simply too heavy for spring. I would rather have a vest, but textile vests are hard to come by these days. Leather is out of the question for my use. I plan to use it at the office, at least for a while.

This was the most noteworthy event of the day. I will spare yourself (and me) the agonizing about having spent money on expensive clothes instead of giving it to the poor. We all know by now that I'm not likely to do that anyway unless my life is threatened. Though I might have bought dinosaur memorabilia for cute paleontologist.


I am sorry if this journal seems to be going the way of Nova Notes. I think it is premature to declare any of them dead, but they are definitely wounded. Of course, with my favorite new activity being so addictive and secret, people probably think I am making out with some forbidden fruit. ^_^ It is not quite that bad, and it seems that somewhere during character creation I was given the advantage "recovery from fads", which means that I'm likely to be back to normal within a couple weeks.

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