Thursday 3 June 1999


Pic of the day: ... to stop the voices in my head ...
(Hey - just kidding! I've been reading "Path of Daggers" again...)

OK. I've turned off the CD and removed my headphones, where I've been playing slightly inappropriate music and daydreaming about someone who could ... well, not quite understand me (there are limits even to daydreaming) but at least accept me as I am. I'm sure hungry people daydream about food too, though I'm not sure what music would go along with that. OK, continue to read after you've fetched your snacks, hey people? M&M might be topical.

I guess I could make a mix MiniDisc with the music of my soft dreams. It would certainly include Chris de Burgh's "Tender Hands", and for more than the obvious reason that can be gleaned from the title. His "Fire on the water" is also roughly in the same mood. A couple of Afzelius' songs also come to mind. Of course, it's not likely I'd find much use for such a disc, certainly not worth the time taken to mix it.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think it's time to provide the link to Breakup Girl again. You may consider bookmarking it if you don't remember the URL by heart by now. I know I do this every few months. But someday you will thank me. Or better yet, thank Breakup Girl.

In the news today: Yugoslavia has theoretically accepted a peace plan for Kosovo. Would that they all could move along with it already. There's a world out there that needs attention while the boys are doing the one thing that will make them real men - killing people who've never done them anything. (And that holds for both/all sides, with a few exceptions.)
If Bill and Slobodan had a regular supply of blow jobs, we would perhaps been spared this sad display of reciprocal holy war. People, I know how it feels to not get any, and the locals should be so glad I don't have nuclear warheads in my cellar storage. (Though most anything else seems to be there.)

Robert Redford for president! (Pre Alzheimers, if possible.) (He is alive still, isn't he? Not exactly my type, but I think I would have heard if he had bought the farm.)

Totally useless link of the day: reading backwards.

Notice that there are no links to Strangers In Paradise in today's diary, nor to Nova Notes or GabGab or Everydayitems. So there.

Quote of the day:
"Gosh, how do a guy like me get on the waiting list to date a woman like you?" "I just need to take down your name and phone number ... and my assistant Paul will be in touch with you."
(Breakup Girl)

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