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Saturday 16 July 2005

Screenshot anime Boys Be

Pic of the day: Not always looking at the earth. (An artist's impression of Hokkaido landscape, for what it's worth. From the anime Boys Be.)

A whiter shade of journal

I have decided to add a color to my color code: White. It is for purely religious or spiritual entries. These have been gray so far. That made perfect sense to me. For me, there is no real difference between religion and science, they are part of the same continuous reality. But I know that for many people they are opposites, and I guess it makes no sense for them to come over and expect a nice logical essay on economy or cosmology or politics, and then get religion in their face. Religion upsets a lot of people, it seems.

Note that the series I wrote in June about how religions could be interpreted as foretelling a massive upgrade of the human mind, that's still gray. White is more for things you experience directly with your soul or derive from holy scriptures without needing the input of an advanced civilization. Things that should have made as much sense 500 or 1000 years ago, and perhaps did.

I am not too happy with writing about religion at all, really. I am not such a holy person who would be well suited for telling you eternal truths. But sometimes there are things that just need to be said, and I can't see that anyone else is doing it. I'm sorry that it has to be me, really. I may well take some flak for this on judgment day, and I really don't need that at that time. But the needs of the many... or even just one, I guess. Sometimes we have to say all the words that should be spoken, before they are lost forever.

Oh, and this entry would have been coded "meta" if I had gone along and made a separate color for that. Journaling about journaling. Trust me, that is not going to become a... habit.

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