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Friday 19 July 2002

Screenshot Morrowind

Pic of the day: "Morrowind - better than acid!" And pretty trippy too, don't you think?

I want my acid

it's the reflux I don't like!

Well, of course I was talking about stomach acid! Believe it or not, I have never actually used LSD. This is partly because the drug is illegal, and I don't feel the need to go out to my way to break the law. Besides I am a cautious person; and acid is not without its dangers. True, the drug is not particularly damaging to the body; unlike some other mammals, humans will not die from an overdose. It has been said half in jest that you can't die from LSD unless a crate of it falls on your head. And this is quite unlikely, since normal doses are in the milligram range. The effect on your sanity, however, is quite another matter. And I really don't need that...


But stomach acid, that I need. And therein lies a conundrum. We may no longer eat rotting flesh seasoned with vulture droppings; but there's still lots of dubious bacteria and stuff like that in the food we eat. And besides, the stomach acid helps to break down parts of the food. So we don't want to do without it. But we don't want to have it eat our esophagus either.

It's a bit up-and-down, but the last few days I have felt a bit too much acid sloshing around in there. I have some pills now that can stop the acid production and neutralize the acid that is there already. But I am reluctant to do that unless my life depends on it. A few times I have taken a smaller quantity.

In the long run I believe the solution is to sleep more and lose some weight again. Over the last year or so I have again approached my normal weight, which is slightly more than ideal. Since I am a man, the newly regained fat has settled disturbingly close to my stomach, presumably leaving less room for the normal functions of that organ. I guess I ought to move around more than the half an hour or so that I walk to and from work each day. But that would mean less time to play cool computer games, for instance...

Now, I sneak off to spend a little time in Morrowind. "Morrowind better than acid!"

(Actually I copied a few melodies from my legally owned Kitaro CD Towards the West to the Morrowind music folder and was eager to try them out. They fit right in! Wai!)

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