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Saturday 12 January 2008

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Pic of the day: Please, think of the kittens! And the teeth.

...God kills a tooth

If you've been on the Net for a while, you are probably familiar with the phrase "Every time you [distasteful activity], God kills a kitten." (In the unlikely case you are not, you can always google for "God kills a kitten" and get the long and eventful history of the phrase.) As far as I know, it was never meant seriously, although it could be used to convey the fact that some things are just plain bad.

While statistics on feline mortality strongly counter-indicates the most common claims of causality, there seem to be other unlikely connections in the universe. In my case, for instance, there seems to be a recently instated rule "Every time you buy a new computer, God kills a tooth." As in, makes it fall out.

Back in November I bought TERRA, my new super-fast quad-core computer from Multicom. Shortly afterward, I got slapped with huge dental bills because I broke a tooth. The tooth on the opposite side also loosened and eventually had to be glued back on.

Well, I just bought a portable computer to have at work. Lo, the ceramic tooth that was glued on, broke loose again. I will try to keep it in place for a month or two so I can pay off the computer first. But it sure is a strange coincidence. Whether it is caused by God or my subconscious, or is just a coincidence, remains to be seen. If I live long enough, I'll surely buy another computer. I usually buy one or two each year, often coinciding with the release of another expansion pack for Sims 2. Well, rumor has it that the one this spring will be the last expansion before Sims 3 (in 2009) so there may be a long wait. But probably not. Surely another excuse will present itself.

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