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Saturday 22 December 2007

Sims 2: Micropolis

Grady Family

Welcome to 1 Gravel Road. I am your friendly neighborhood guardian angel.
Alison: Are you really an angel?
It is only a part-time job. But I really am a higher-dimensional being who care about sims like you. I have watched over hundreds of sims from many different neighborhoods over the generations. I have lost count of the many children I have helped grow up to happy, well-adjusted adults with their own family, a successful career and good friends, until they died from old age with memories of a satisfying life. Now it is your turn.
Alison: Wow! Do you use magic?
That is the funny part - I don't need to. I just remind you to make the right choices, and you will realize your own potential for happiness, health and prosperity. For instance, Alison, you will have to start doing your homework.
Alison: Ick!
Pam: See? She is never serious! She is like a butterfly! I cannot stand her even though we are sisters.
You will have to learn to get along if you want to be happy. Fighting will just make you both unhappy.
Esther: That's what I always say. Perhaps they will listen when an angel says it. It is worth a try, I guess.
Now please tell a little about yourselves. I will record it for the future.
Esther: Well, I lost my husband, my son and my daughter-in-law in the hurricane. And of course we lost our house and everything in it. But I am thankful that my two beautiful granddaughters survived. Alison is very social, while Pam is into money. They don't get along too well, I'm afraid. Me, I like to read. The first thing I want to buy is a bookshelf. I also know how to use a computer. I may not look like it, but I really do.
Alison: Mr Angel, are there boys here?
Not many, especially not your age. But if you go to college, there will be LOTS of boys. So do your homework, OK?
Pam: Jobs?
Not much for people without college education. Times are hard for unskilled labor now. I recommend you use the computer to work at home. It doesn't pay much but it lets you learn some useful skills. And of course you should get a college degree.
Pam: Of course. I intend to become chief of staff at the hospital here.
That will take some time.

You are making a lot of sandwiches lately.
Esther: I don't want to burn down our new home by cooking before I have the necessary skills. As a trophy wife, I never had to acquire any useful skills in my former life. I don't want to sound like I'm OK with losing my husband, but I do enjoy learning new things. Even cooking and cleaning.
And Alison is already reading, I see.
Alison: Eh heh, it is actually a novel. But a GOOD novel. Not a bad smutty one.
You can learn a lot from novels if you have the Simlogical ReadingSkills hack. It just takes its sweet time.
Alison: Was that angelic tongues you were speaking right now?
Well, some of the other "angels" may understand it.

Alison: The newspaper is five minutes late. If you want to make any headway in your career, you need to learn to be on time.
Newspaper boy: %@#& /$@ spoiled white missus!
Alison: What was that about?
Sometimes it is important to start talking with people about things you can agree on. Befriend first, correct later.
Alison: Well, he didn't have to go off like that. Sheesh.

Alison: Aliens? Yeah, me too! I'd love to see some one day!
Pam: That's your homework on the floor right there. I am not doing it for you.
You two are sure acting as expected. Alison, you can ask your mother to help you with the homework later. She doesn't mind.

Look who has met the neighbor boy!
Pam: He is funny.
You should introduce him to your sister.
Pam: She would just embarrass us all.
You may be surprised. Well, the week is soon over and I need to do a timejaunt. Pam, you probably won't notice. But Grant, I am going to meet you in the past soon.
Grant: What? We already met, don't you remember?
Ah, sometimes I hate the Ouroboros missions.

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