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Friday 16 December 2005

Screenshot anime Karin

Pic of the day: "What do I do?" indeed. (Screenshot from the Japanese anime Karin. I am vaguely amused that the vampire is called Karin, which is a quite common girl name here in Norway, especially in my generation.

Fast forward

Is it time to panic yet? I should move any day now, and I haven't packed. I have moved very few things over to the new apartment even though the weather has been good enough many of the days to carry bags of smaller things. (Leaving the big things for someone with a car. I have had a few people utter vague general wishes of helping out with that.) I have carried off books to the used book store every workday for more than a month and a half, and am pretty much finished with the paperbacks (I actually kept some) and have only two cubic yards of comic books left. Yeah baby!

Speaking of comic books, I look at my 7 year ago entry with a picture of the Magical Drama Queen Roxy, and I see that it is a parody of the magical girl anime style. At that point, I did not know that anime existed. Of course, today some of you may quip that I don't know that anything else exists! I do, actually, but it is funny how one can see something and not know it for what it is. I would not be surprised if we all do that a lot.

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