Wednesday 14 April 1999


Pic of the day: You people have probably seen my head often enough that you don't need it today.

A miracle happened before my eyes last night. Well, approximately. It was about half an hour after midnight, and while I was standing in the bathroom I heard a low click from the toilet. Now this toilet has been in disrepair for like three years, because its water container trickled (better it than me, though); and me being the cheapskate that I be in all matters of furniture, had simply turned the water off and used a plastic bucket of water for flushing when needed. Now, this sound was suspiciously like something clicking into place. So I turned on the water, and behold: The toilet was healed!
It is certainly a sign, but of what? It must surely be something good. Maybe it is God's way of saying: "Verily, I will make whole those who are broken, and humble, and scorned; yeah, even those who are occasionally full of shit." Uh, would the Lord actually say that? Then again, it says that anything is possible for the Lord, and for those who believe.
(My old Discman remains broken, though. It may not be humble enough. You don't get much humbler than a broken toilet.)

In other news (most certainly unrelated) I had an orgasm this morning. Been quite a while since last time ... I think it was several days before Easter. Oh well. Of course I woke up alone in my large bed, with no chubby Daggerfall damsels in sight, and my radio blared about more planes to Kosovo. What do you mean, been playing too much Daggerfall? Would you rather have me dream about the ladies at work? Sure, some of them are quite babelicious, but in my somewhat limited experience it feels sort of strange the first times I meet someone after I've dreamt about them that way. I may as well stick with the drunk townwives of Alik'r Desert.

Been pretty tired. This evening I fell asleep in front of my computer. Woke up with arms and legs prickling from lack of blood circulation and managed to rouse myself and get over in a softer chair. When I woke again, the screen saver was kicking in. And it has a one hour activation time, because I don't want it to start while I'm running the TiP diagnosis program on my zip drives. Anyway, I guess I'm lucky who can sleep almost anywhere and anywhen. It does occasionally bring me into humiliating situations, but overall it's great. Probably one of the future survival treats of our species in a gradually more stressed future. I'm almost sorry that I haven't spread my superior genes while there was still time ... (just kidding!)

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