Monday 5 April 1999


Pic of the day: Exactly what is going on in the city of Bubyrydata? And this screenshot isn't even the slightest altered, except cut and resize.
You know, if this site had been somewhat frequented, I'd create an ad-hoc caption contest for this picture. But since there's only you and me, I'll throw in my own random attempts:
"-What do you mean, 'hiding behind a woman'?"
"-No hidden weapons here. Or here, or here, or here ..."
"-Pickpockets? Here in our town? You must be kidding!"
"-Frottage, s'il vous plait?"
And, of course, GRAAAAB!. (You know who you are.)

I like to think that there's something heroic in my writing a web journal for a dozen readers or so. But I guess I've been doing this for so long now that it might be time to consider sniffing for web-rings. You know, like-minded sites that link to one another. Given the average weirdness of people who write regular web journals, there simply must be some desperate enough to include even me. Even though I'm vaguely hetero.
(Due to the surprising prevalence of alternative sexualities in this genre, I might take up the habit of Al from Nova Notes who seems to mention every few days that he's hopelessly heterosexual. From his descriptions of his wife, that's quite understandable! :)

"Thankyou for subscribing to Porn Review" said the most recent e-mail I received. Now that was kind of surprising. My e-mail program automatically sorts incoming mail: Those from special friends go into their appropriate folders first. Then those which are addressed to some other e-mail address than mine are tossed into a folder called "spam", which I may deign to view if I lack other entertainment. Finally the rest go to my inbox. Among them this one, which proudly presented FARMSEX.NET. I'm not sure if some helpful soul has noticed the cow picture on my Feblueberry 5th diary and drawn his own personal conclusions... :)

Also today, I've been writing brilliant arguments to perhaps supplement the written work of art which a friend is supposed to turn in real soon now. I'm not sure if what I do is relevant, and I'm sure it's riduculous seeing as she's writing about pregnancy and childbirth. And my only experience with birth was 40 years ago, which I have completely forgotten (though I bet my mother remembers it in gory detail) and my main knowledge about pregnancies is how to (not) get them started...
Still, I'm fairly adept at writing arguments and counter-arguments and crystallizing other people's thoughts. My main problem is that I write too briefly. (Not a problem here, obviously!)

In fact, I was so totally in the zone writing that I got a major adrenaline kick on completion and had to take a long walk. I have a feeling that I've been set up, but right now I don't care.

The weather outside was gray and chilly. But spring chilly, not winter cold. The telltale signs are budding on the first trees: Soon, as by a wonder, new life will grow from the dead.

You know what the problem is with small children who say "hi"? Yes, if you answer "hi!" then they will say "hi!" again. And so on, and on, and on. I doubt that any adult has ever tested just how long this can go on, but I wouldn't be surprised if they could keep at it for hours. My solution? Pick two toddlers in the "Hi!" age, and set them up towards each others. Then let them duke it out between them.
But for some reason, people seem to prefer to park the hi-sayers near the roadside to challenge passing pedestrians.

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