Sunday 4 April 1999


Pic of the day: Proof that I've actually been outdoors.

Yes, that happens too. I took a longish walk again and brought my camera. Not too much to photograph right now: The spring has arrived, but nature is naturally hesitant to pull on its green clothes, after the unsteady weather we've had of late. Still it was so warm that I could walk in only a shirt. Well, and trousers, though that's for modesty only.

This is ridiculous. Now I'm thinking about pregnancies while awake too. The reason is of course the thesis that my friend sent me, which I've been poring over. At least I didn't dream about it tonight.

On the contrary, I dreamt that I was teleporting about. Usually teleporting takes some effort in my dreams. I have to reach out, and there's this feeling of uncertainty, of stretching beyond limits for a moment. But in this dream, I teleported quite casually. I was out in the woods and I came upon this little group of boy scouts and their leader. They didn't have anything impressive to eat so I offered to get them some burgers. Now of course everyone had their own favorite burger, except one who only wanted a hotdog. So my problem was mainly remembering all the different burgers while I teleported to town and bought it, then blinked back with the provision. It wasn't a very exciting dream (boy scouts?!) but it was at least better than waking up in my double bed with my fluffy pillows for company.

Then again, pillows don't snore. They don't even elbow you if YOU snore.

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