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Sunday 30 April 2006

Screenshot Oblivion

Pic of the day: Please don't be mad, but there's a change in the Chaos Node from today on. But for the most part, this has been the one unchanging feature.

Meta: Picture

For these almost 8 years, my picture size has almost always been 300x225. Occasionally a picture has been better in landscape mode, and twice have I used a substantially larger picture.

Back then, 28kbps modems were common, and 2GB was considered a decent hard disk. Since then, the dial-up speed has doubled and even workers now frequently have broadband in the rich world (where most English speakers reside). The hard disk capacity had increased 40-fold, to the point where still pictures have ceased to be a consideration. Modern disks accomodate movies. But the most important change in this regard is that the screen resolution has gone up.

Back then I used 640x480, which was fairly common, although some had 800x600. These days most machines come set up with 1024x768, and it is only set to increase. I've noticed lately, after I switched to the new machine with higher screen resolution, that my pictures now look outrigth tiny. The people who will have to squint to see them probably outweighs the people who have to wait for them to load. Thus, it is time for a change.

Also during these 8 years, digital cameras have much higher pixel count, games have much higher screen resolution and anime is now frequently widescreen. So there is no risk that the pictures will be blocky and blurry. Indeed, the "post stamp" pictures I have had until now simply don't do justice to the things I portray.

I hope you all appreciate the change. I know that the pictures are by far the most referenced part of my site. This is not intentional, but it is understandable. Vision takes up a large part of the primate brain cortex. So, here's some more food for our primate brains. ^^

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