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Tuesday 9 September 2008

Screnshot anime Moyashimon

Pic of the day: Agriculture as imagined in the Japanese anime Tales of Agriculture, a.k.a Moyashimon. Today was almost as icky and no more pleasant.

Sick at work

Already on the commute bus to work had my stomach begun to hurt. I thought this was due to eating another cup of yogurt, over and above the one I usually eat before leaving home. If only I had not eaten that, I thought, this would not have happened. Or if I had taken some anti-acid. I decided to do that when I came to the city.

But when I came to my workplace, I immediately had to get myself to the lavatory, as my bowels were now becoming very agitated. This went on for a while. And then again a little later. By now I started to worry a bit. It was not like the fat poisonings (luckily): There was no sense of cold - quite the opposite, actually - and no shivering, dullness of mind or irrational fear. (Although I did get somewhat nervous as the thing continued to develop into diarrhea.) It was more like food poisoning, except without the queasiness, just stomach pain, which was also gradually fading.

It stopped during the first day however. I still don't know what it was, except it was not fat this time. It took me till the next day to be able to eat more than mouthfuls, but that is not bad. And I am fat enough for now. But I'd love to know what it was so I could avoid it in the future.

On the bright side, being sick at work means I get paid for using the toilet. That is certainly a silver lining, as it is not something one would do for one's pleasure. Well, unless one is the guy who invented corn flakes, I guess, and I am not sure how exact the stories about him are.

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