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Wednesday 16 November 2005

Screenshot anime Ichigo 100%

Pic of the day: Location, location, location! For this high school student, living near school is important so she can sleep longer in the morning. For me, living close to school is worthless. Especially when it is close to a grade school!

New apartment?

As I've mentioned before, I need to move out of my home for the last 15 years. It was after all rented, and the landlord is selling it. This is largely because he is in the process of succumbing to old age eventually. I was first told that I needed to have it ready for March 1, but this was later changed to February 1.

Still, I have pretty much ignored the matter (except for making sure to fill the paper waste bin to the rim) until now. Then suddenly I got the urge to check the online marketplace, (Norwegian only). It was a sense of urgency so strong that I could not stay in bed! ( is a website that aggregates local newspaper ads as well as online.) Anyway, I looked first at Søgne, the municipality where I live now. One ad caught my eyes almost immediately. This was because it had the full address readily visible, while most hid it until clicking. And the address was 10-15 minutes from here. I ought to know, because it was almost a neighbor to where Supergirl used to live when I met her and the first years we spent together doing fun and innocent things.

I called the owner and he told me someone had wanted it but then they suddenly reconsidered, so it was up for rent again. I'm going to see it tomorrow at 5 PM.

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