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Tuesday 15 November 2005

Screenshot anime Shuffle

Pic of the day: "I think she's gone off to her own little fantasy world again." So do I. Sometimes I spend entire days there.

Fast forward

Today again I was working on my novel. The magic is the same as I have written about before during my Lightwielder series, or at least similar. People who channel the Power of the Light cannot lie, any attempt to do so causes them physical pain and may even kill them if they stick with it. The whole truth vs lies axis is essential to the book.

Instead of waiting for the completion of a book that will never be completed (because that's just the kind of guy I am), you may as well enjoy the wisdom of my fictional prophet of the Light. I think honestly that he is more right than that guy from Star Wars. Then again I don't care much about money.

"Those who believe in lies will be disappointed. Those who are disappointed will be angry. Those who are angry will want to destroy. Therefore, the father of lies is the ancestor of destruction."

Sometimes it worries me that the people I create seem better company to me than the people God created. With a very few exceptions among the latter, I admit.

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