Wednesday 19 May 1999


Pic of the day: As you can see, I've had a haircut again. I sort of like myself with a bit of hair, enough to fluff a bit, but not so much that it becomes totally unruly or looks feminine. (Not that most girls nowadays have much hair either. A couple of my female friends have a hairstyle similar to my toothbrush.) Anyway, this time I had it cut before it had grown completely wild, and before anybody started hinting.

Got a slip from the post office, some value post is waiting, and I'll have to go get it. Someday. The local post office was closed down a few years ago, and this one lies in a place I usually don't visit. Furthermore, it's closed when I return from work. So it's pretty inconvenient. Whenever possible I get stuff sent to my work address instead, but there are times when you're asked outright where you live. And I sure don't live at work. (Nor do I live for work. I work for a living, though.)

Mystery of the day: Why put swine in a mutton sausage? It's not like I'm a Jew or a Muslim or somesuch, but when I buy mutton I expect mutton. I prefer sheep, who grow wild much of the year on the Norwegian mountain grass, over pigs who live on roughly the same food as we and never see the light of day or breathe fresh air.

Did buy The Cure Galore CD, and also the last CD by the Swedish troubadour who died not too many moons ago. The CD was released after he was already dead, he was dying from cancer as he made it. You wouldn't know that from the style of the songs, though. He was fighting for justice for the oppressed with practically his last breath. If there is a Heaven for communists, Afzelius will surely find himself there...

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