Tuesday 18 May 1999


Pic of the day: Yet another fine spring day. Rather late spring now, actually, but fine anyway. By the way, feel free to copy the nature pictures all over the place. I guess legally I have some kind of ownership or copyright or some such, but I never created nature in the first place. (Yes, I retain that much sanity still.) On the other hand, I'd appreciate that you don't use pictures of me in any way that you would not appreciate if the pictures were of you or someone you love. But the nature pics - sell them if you find a sucker stupid enough to buy them. See if I care. :)

Whine of the day: As I happily sat down on the bus to get home, the cramp suddenly set in and squeeezed in particular my left reproductive gland really hard. Ouch. That bites. These things are somewhat tender. The relaxation meditation does help after a while, but it bites while it lasts. (Yes, that's meditation, not medication. I hope I won't need that. These are not like some kind of epilepsy, best as I know. Just cramps.)

Apart from that, I've had a wonderful day. Even eating at McDonalds. There's now almost exclusively Asian girls there. I am not going to speculate very deeply about that, though there is almost certainly a reason for it. Norwegian customers still come there, though. I think the brand name is rather powerful. As well it could be. The burgers are good: They don't taste of meat and smoke like those from Burger King. (I ate a Burger King in Oslo last week.) McDonalds burgers taste almost nothing of meat at all, more like a sausage with lots of flour in it. I don't really need to be reminded that I'm eating a dead animal, y'know. It may be healthy, but I still prefer to think of something else. Yay McDonalds!

Bought a very few American superhero comics today, with African-American main characters. The comics were pretty poor, if I may say so. Then again, most comics are. It was somewhat interesting to see how these characters were portrayed. Of course, it's extremely irrelevant to me, since I live in Norway and anyway am rather pale. Then again, I don't generally stick to relevant things.

This is somewhat ridiculous - or even more than the rest - but the melody that's playing in the back of my head lately has changed to "Friday I'm In Love" with The Cure. I heard it on the bus on a Friday - either this or the previous, I forgot - and suddenly it came back to me. I really like the melody, and the humor of the text. I hope it's intended as humor, at least. Someone used to play it a lot for a while, but somehow it slid away from me when I left. I wonder if I should buy the Cure Galore CD. Actually most of the tracks interest me like nothing or less. I think "Just Like Heaven" was nice too, but it could be my general enthusiasm for Heaven that rubs off. I can't remember neither text nor melody of that one anymore. All I can remember is "Friday I'm In Love" -
I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
it's Friday, I'm in love ...

and it's not Friday (sadly) and I'm not in love either. Oh well.

(Whole lyrics and a choice of MIDIs at the Accuracy Midi archieve. It's nothing like the real thing, but it's freeee. Possibly even legal.)

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