Tuesday 7 September 1999

Me, in a chair
Pic of the day: OK, in retrospect I chose this picture of me, relaxed and happy in a chair in the home of Supergirl's family. I do smile sometimes.

I would like to write a small treatise on Matrix Buddhism. But since real life actually made an appearance, I'll defer.

Today was SHOPPING DAY! Yay! Supergirl and I went to Oslo for an all-out shopping orgy. "Shop till you drop". Actually we did not drop, but that was mainly because we took a burger break before heading home. This fall is dominated by black and grey, and there were so many great clothes that we had to skip some of them. We just sampled: One skirt, one pair of jeans, one shirt etc. Fun, fun, fun for the whole family. (Though most as spectators.)

In the evening I ate out with Supergirl and her younger sister. We took the train to the city, which was an experience in itself. It so happened that the train had serious motor troubles. Luckily it was downhill all the way, or we would not have made it to Oslo. As it was, it took half an hour or so extra. Which was quite OK by me, pleasantly seated between two stunningly attractive young women. And then we ... came to town eventually. :)

Big Horn Steakhouse was almost full at 7:30 PM on a Tuesday. The food is delicious. They specialize in beef, which they do well. Well, at least ours were all well done, as ordered. The meat almost melted on the tongue, but all of us had ordered the smallest portion of meat and extra maize (corn). It was pretty expensive, truth to tell, but it's not an everyday activity.


Today, like yesterday, was hot and sunny. Only a light veil of high clouds on part of the sky. "It could change as quickly as you snap your fingers" said Supergirl placidly and snapped her fingers. "Do it again, it didn't change" I commented. Funny me. So she snapped her fingers again. "The sun is still shining" I teased. "Just wait", said she.

As we sat on the train home from town, the rain started pouring down. There is no spoon.

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