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Friday 2 September 2005

Screenshot anime mahoraba

Pic of the day: Free at last! (Screenshot from the same anime as yesterday, Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~.)

Suddenly ADSL

When I got to job, I used the Internet connection there to find an online shop ( that sold DSL modems. I ordered a cheap one that should be compatible with both Telenor and other ISPs. Because ... well, Telenor had written off my ticket as finished, with the promise that they would get Eltel to come over with a new modem for me. But I know that they lie a lot. Either that, or Eltel ignores them a lot, but probably the first. For instance on Monday I stayed home from work waiting for the techies because Telenor said they would come between noon and 4 PM, whereas said techies had heard nothing of that. Nor had the other Telenor guys I talked with. (They were all guys, and they all spoke excellent Norwegian.) Each time I call I get a new story, there seems to be very little continuity in it. This is the one part that convinces me that they are just making things up. If they all told the same lie, it would actually work.

It takes a few days for the hardware to come in the mail. Since I intended to make a counter-claim to Telenor for the lost time, it behooved me to keep stinging them every day or two so I can claim in court that I have done everything humanly possible to get progress in the case. Therefore I called again in the afternoon, even though I was already resigned to waiting for the new modem. "You've written off this case as solved" I told the guy on the phone, "but I still don't have a connection." But this man, rather than coming up with some fanciful explanation, logged on and found that he could connect to my modem, and indeed see that my router was logged on. Sadly only the tiniest trickle of packets went through it, and I could not open anything. So he made me check the network settings (as if I hadn't done that from the start, but it still beats making up excuses) and try to connect the PC directly. I got an error message, which he pondered for a while. Then he wrote a new ticket and put me on the line to their own techies. I waited for somewhere around half an hour, but it was still a progress from being brushed off with an excuse.

The Telenor technician looked at the settings for my line, found an obvious error someone had made when upgrading the line speed, and fixed it. It took a couple minutes, including solving some error at his own terminal. That was it. My DSL is back, after nearly two weeks. Two pointless weeks which could have been avoided if I had been put through to a competent person the first time. Not to mention if a competent person had upgraded my line in the first place.

I wonder now that they are axing another few hundred people at Telenor: Will they kick the 8 liars I have talked with who just made up things, or the two guys who did their job? You probably know what my guess is, but one can always hope.

Well, Telenor customers can always hope. Starting around a month from now, if I'm still around, I am moving to LOS. Sorry guys. To translate a favorite line from a song by Knutsen & Ludvigsen: "But dear beautiful princess, you made the road too long. We'll come to rescue you ... maybe later sometime."

Meanwhile, I have a lot to catch up on. But I don't remember what...

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