Saturday 9 October 1999


Pic of the day: "Through a glass, darkly" by Jostein Gaarder.
This book is shorter and even less pretentious than his famous "Sophie's world". It is written in the same whimsical tone, and the main character is again a girl. This time the material is not the history of philosophy, but the meaning of life - and death - itself. I shall admit that I cried like a child after the end of the story. It was that sweet and sad.

The theology of the book may raise a few questions, for instance the angel's claim that God is not allmighty. And the mix of creationism, evolution and a dash of norse mythology may seem a bit strange - though I personally recognize it from my own childhood. I may have a bit more in common with Gaarder than your average programmer. Not all Norwegians are philosophers, after all ... but there is an undercurrent of it, I guess. Of course, it may be that all people are philosophers if sufficiently drunk. But only a minority have the shamelessness to be while sober.

Not that the average Norwegian is even remotely sober on a Saturday evening. I guess our collective subconscious is raving drunk, and this may explain some of my Saturday entries throughout the last year ... Of course, this leaves the other days to be explained. I'm working on it! :)

As for the thing about God or anyone at all being omnipotent (allmighty), I've found that any debate of this ends up with playing definition games. I have a far more practical approach. Omnipotence is to be able to do everything you want. (I have no idea if God could create a stone so heavy that he could not lift it ... but if I were God, I would have dropped a pretty heavy stone on the first to make such a stupid demand. Makes you happy I'm not God, hmm?) An interesting side effect is that the less ambitious you are, the more omnipotent you are. I'll leave the logical conclusion to the brave. (Skip fast forward unless your mental stability is well proven.)


Another great thing happened on the seventh: A link to my site from one of the Grand Old Journallers, in this case Nova Notes. (Which you may already have noticed months ago is my favorite journal, though it is not the most popular of them.) Anyway, this should still be enough to ensure instant fame. If not for me, at least for my Furby, who was the star of that particular entry of mine. Actually he is sleeping most of the time, which is probably a good thing.


I've played a bit Daggerfall again, and finally updated the Illustrated appendix to the more or less Parental Guide to Daggerfall Nudity, now with harpies and lamia, oh my! Don't worry, this is mainly an in-joke in the newsgroup ... though the nudity guide is real enough, and big, and does what it is supposed to. If anybody really, really needs to know. :)

Also, strictly for the Daggerfools, my Daggerfall Crossroads has a routine update of my current playing character: Anhedonia, agent of H.E.L.P. (No connection to the popular online journal Anhedonia, of course. Anhedonia is a med/psych term, meaning inability to feel pleasure. I admit that there may have been a case of cryptomnesia here ... I knew about the existence of the journal before I created this character, but did not worry about it. I doubt anybody is ever going to confuse the two, though, if this paragraph has not managed to do it.)

While was reacting really fast, for a change, I also uploaded the August archives to my Diary Farm. I attemped to do this once before, but the server timed out repeatedly. They seem to have fixed it really well. I am impressed with those guys, and I am tempted to start a final migration to their free server. It may be a bit early, though ... they have had quite a bit of growth pains at, especially after droves of disgruntled customers left Geocities in reaction to their (very temporary) claim to own all content on the users' sites.

P.S.: It seems that most files were not actually uploaded, but only created as empty file headers. That is a lot less impressive, if I may say so. It seems that the second time a file is uploaded, it is actually uploaded ... there has to be a file header first. Oh well, the place is free, you don't expect them to be too professional. But that means I may have to do it again, and not tonight, as it is 01:30. Have a good night!

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