The boy, the girl & the werecat

A novel by Magnus Itland. All rights reserved according to Norwegian copyright laws and international treaties. You are permitted to read, store, print and share this work for non commercial purposes. This is a work in progress, and contents may change over time.

This is a work of fiction. The persons, places and events in this work are not intended to portray any persons, places or events in the real world. Nor does the work necessarily portray the author's religious, political or philosophical viewpoints in the real world.

This work takes human sexuality for granted, and there will be references to it. It does not however contain any scenes of actual sexual intercourse, or substitutes for this.

If you have received this book without a cover, it is because my artist collaborator has not yet had time to draw one. Ganbatte kudasai! ^_^

Chapter 1: The cat, the girl and the birthday

Chapter 2: A Prince among men

Chapter 3: Trains of thought and feeling

Chapter 4: Catboy returns

Chapter 5: Always by your side

Chapter 6: Blondes and books

Chapter 7: Robots & Pie

Chapter 8: Burning questions

Chapter 9: Two coincidences are not a coincidence