Sugar High School

A novel by Magnus Itland.

This is a book about friendship with the strength of love, the borderlines of romance and the broad range of warm feelings that can exist between young people. It also includes some supernatural elements and a bit of drama near the end. I have not included material which I expect most readers to find crass or objectionable or that they would be ashamed of reading in a family setting. I consider the book appropriate for ages 11 and up, but due to the high school setting it will probably appeal mostly to those who have experienced that part of life.

Copyright 2004 reserved according to Norwegian law and international treaties.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, broadcasting or performance would be kinda flattering but is not strictly legal.

This novel has no relation to any other works called "Sugar High School". If such works exist, they are unknown to me at the time of writing.

This is a work of fiction. No individuals or organizations in this story, living or dead or resurrected, are to be identified with individuals or organizations in the real world.

Despite reserving all copyright, I extend a free grant to read this story from the Internet or from your local disk cache, as long as nothing is changed. If you have paid for this story, you've been tricked.

The novel is not meant to promote, endorse or dispute any particular religion or philosophy. It is set in an alternate world and as such none of the "facts" of that world should be taken as true in our world.

With that out of the way, onward to Sugar!

Chapter 1: Morning

Chapter 2: Visitors on Earth

Chapter 3: Important people

Chapter 4: Foreign exchange

Chapter 5: A new "friend"

Chapter 6: Day of sadness

Chapter 7: The plots thicken

Chapter 8: To Russia with love

Chapter 9: The beauty of it all

Chapter 10: Meeting by accident

Chapter 11: A tale of two invitations

Chapter 12: In marble halls

Chapter 13: Loves and fishes

Chapter 14: Night vision

Chapter 15: For gifted youngsters

Chapter 16: The telegraph game

Chapter 17: An unexpected offer