Gwalawala - a novel


"Gwalawala" is a novel, which during its writing is available online for your peeping benefit. If you ever wondered how a failing novel writer's mind works (or rather, why it doesn't) this could be your chance!

The novel is firmly in the genre "fantasy", meaning magic and stuff. It's intended to be fairly light fantasy, perhaps not quite as light as Piers Anthony but not as tragic as Stephen Donaldson. There will be attempts at humor. (Be warned!)

Oh, and people? This isn't about me. Really. Yes, the main character is male and I'm male. That doesn't mean that my real name is Arvid and my parents were religious nuts. Really. I've written stuff for too many years to just recast myself in a fantasy. Those stories are written and destroyed already. Got it? I may throw in some small part of myself, in the main character or any other, and some part of an old friend, but you're not likely to know unless you're me. (Or unless I accidentally write "Magnus"..) If you want to learn about me, go read my Daily Diary.


June 3, 2000: Uploaded draft chapters 1-6. Added navigation links.
June 4, 2000: Uploaded draft chapters 7-8.
June 11, 2000: Revised draft chapters 1-8. New beginning, changed past/present.
June 12, 2000: Uploaded chapter 9.
June 14, 2000: Uploaded chapters 10-13.
June 17, 2000: Uploaded chapters 14-15.
July 8, 2000: Uploaded chapter 16.
July 9, 2000: Uploaded chapter 17.
July 22, 2000: Uploaded chapters 18-19.
July 24, 2000: Uploaded chapters 20-21.
August 9, 2000: Uploaded chapter 22.
August 14, 2000: Uploaded chapters 23-24.
August 26, 2000: Uploaded chapters 25-26.
September 3, 2000: Uploaded chapters 27-29.

Legal stuff

This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

The world of Gwalawala, and all characters, locations and events therein are copyright 2000 by Magnus Itland as regulated by Norwegian law and international treaties. All rights are retained by the author, unless otherwise stated by same.

The author hereby grants you a non-exclusive right to read and cache the works for personal use only. No redistribution or public performance is allowed. (Though why in the name of all that is good and tasteful anyone would want to perform this in public is quite beyond me!)

Until further notice, this novel is a work in progress and subject to change without warning.

The story so far:

1: Day of the stone

2: Night of the dream

3: Tongue of the snake

4: Path of sinners

5: Labor of moons

6: Dwellings of the innocent

7: Feast of Serpents

8: End of peace

9: Dawn of fall

10: Ring of stones

11: Colors of magic

12: Power of song

13: Vileness of sorcery

14: Rumors of madness

15: Scrolls of lore

16: Spirits of corruption

17: Dawn of confusion

18: Clash of weapons

19: Confessions of a witch

20: Hope of friendship

21: A taste of magic

22: City of Wizards

23: Runes of affront

24: A day of gaiety

25: Witch of the library

26: A spell of levity

27: Words of a father

28: Song of Empathy

29: Fate of a mother

Illustration picture adapted from the computer game Master of Magic, by Simtex/Microprose.