DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All persons, places and events described here are imaginary and should not be confused with similar or similarly named items, if any, in the real world.

WARNING: This story contains descriptions of "supernatural", "magic" or "psychic" powers. Several religions have taboos regarding such powers. Some readers may find the story objectionable on these grounds. The author does not claim to have or be knowledgeable about such powers, and requests concerning such things will not be considered.

COPYRIGHT: This story, its characters and their distinctive likeness are copyright Magnus Itland, in accordance with Norwegian copyright law and international treaties. Year of original publication: 2003.

Chapter 1: Just in (and out of) time

Chapter 2: Meeting again for the first time

Chapter 3: Soul-drinker

Chapter 4: Missing person

Chapter 5: Large houses...

Chapter 6: Island of light

Chapter 7: When girls go tame

Chapter 8: Call of the wild speculation

Chapter 9: An angel, out of a thousand

Chapter 10: Boyology 101

Chapter 11: House call

Chapter 12: The father, the son and the ghost

Chapter 13: The letter

Chapter 14: Closing and opening

Chapter 15: After class

Chapter 16: The noble art of sluttiness

Chapter 17: Curiosity and the cat

Chapter 18: Not to go too far

Chapter 19: Dark Redemption

Chapter 20: Imagination Cake

Chapter 21: The glow

"Behind the scenes"