Monday 31 May 1999

Hairy leg

Pic of the day: Another pleasantly warm summer day. On a related note, I've wondered why spiders wanted to hang out in my bedroom.

Adding to the Nice Day feeling was (finally) a new supply of American supercomics. I finally slammed my paws on a couple issues of DC's Young Justice. I absolutely luvved the series. It was quite simply fun. Which probably means that it will be cancelled or changed beyond recognition, if past experiences with DC is any indication. Still, I intend to enjoy it while I can. The drawing style is different, a bit less realistic, more caricature-like. Which is OK, because even those characters who appear in other comics are somewhat different here. This series is a spin-off from the event "world without grown-ups", which I guess says a lot.

What I love about superhero teams is the interplay, not the taking on bigger badguys. The badguys are an irritant, in my opinion. So I absolutely adored Young Justice #7, in which the main event is a co-ed camp-out for our more or less superpowered young teens. And in parallell, elsewhere, a meeting of their parents & mentors. Quote of the day:
"Impulse... How about you? Would you be normal, if you could?" "I don't understand the question. I am normal. It's the rest of the world that's weird."
As you may guess, that's pretty much how I feel too. :)

Disturbingly, the Australian web journal "just a girl" suddenly disappeared the day after she reported about a new law that will allow Internet censorship in Australia. I guess this is one of those meaningful coincidences. I hope she has only relocated. She did write interesting and readable stuff.

Oh, and about the mother of all print jobs that we did on Friday: Turns out the organizers of it all hadn't stocked up on envelopes, so we couldn't send out more than a few letters. Sometimes I like my job. It may be meaningless, but sometimes it is meaningless in an absurd way that appeals to me. All you readers of Dilbert will know what I mean.

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