The entries are now tentatively color coded in their background, for people using graphical browsers:

Red: Keep away from children.

Yellow: May be considered offensive, especially by the strictly religious.

Dark: Sad or angsty.

Gray: Boring for young readers. Abstract, essaylike entry.

White: Religious or spiritual entry.

Blue: About games or other supposedly fun software.

Review: Review of books, comics, anime... anything but software.

Azure: My own fiction / worldbuilding. Not intended to be true.

Green: Mostly harmless / slice of life.

Violet: "Bio". Presenting some aspect of myself.

Meta: Journaling about journaling.

This system is tentatively used from June 15, 2000. New colors may be added as needed. (Last added: Meta, 2006.)

This color coding depends on your browser supporting basic CSS. If you don't see it, look for the corresponding text in the upper left corner of the entry.