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Monday 6 May 2002

River in sun

Pic of the day: A return to real life? Not completely, but I definitely plan to visit.

Not gonna take it

I suppose you all want to know what happened to me and my hand today. I had this appointment with Søgne Fysikalske Institutt at 17 (5PM). You know, somehow "physical institute" sounds kinda ecchi ...

Anyway, this guy thought the problem could be my neck. Sure thing, there was one muscle that was hard as wood and hurt when he touched it. He used ultrasound to loosen it up. This is all very nice and will be repeated on Wednesday. But I think it may be a secondary problem, caused by the pain in the wrist and hand. According to the pictures on the wall, this particular muscle causes pain along the arm and to the thumb and index finger. These are not really my trouble spots. Still, it is good to stop it from growing worse.

I did not feel any change after one treatment, but then again you are not supposed to, I think.


I guess it is time to face the wolf. I am going to take a sick leave. I don't like my doctor knowing where I work, but on the other hand it isn't every year I need actual medical treatment. And right now I want to prevent one such case. I will cut down on stress, and that means cutting down on work. (And overly engrossing games, though the experts are unsure whether those are "good stress" or "bad stress".)

So I plan to take long walks in the fresh pollen with my digital camera and perhaps a digital music device. Go to town (Tangvall) or the city (Kristiansand) now and then. Meditate and re-energize my arm. Sleep till I wake up. The job has been stealing my life; now I will take it back. At what price remains to be seen. But I fully intend to pay it.

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