Wednesday 17 March 1999


Pic of the day: Fog.
The snow is gone, the rain is gone, only the fog remains. But it is the fog of spring, not of autumn. There is definitely something springy in the air.

Called sick today. For some obscure reason I always (or nearly always) get sick the day after I get home from Oslo. Presumably my digestive tract decides that it can now safely rid itself of the foreign elements that I stuff in it when I'm away from home. I hoped I could get around this by going in the morning, coming home in the middle of the day. And I did get sick in the evening. But it was still not quite over in the morning, so I took another vacation day. Oh well. At least I've caught up with my favorite newsgroups, my e-mail, and also looked in now and then on the two "urban professionals" (yeah, right) on Ms Babediva Live, an unabashed GabGabCloneClone. Hey, what can I say? I like med students.

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