Freeday 5 March 1999


Pic of the day: Daggerfall screenshot, sunset over the wilderness of Tulune.
Well, at least you weren't treated to yet another pic of my sad face! Show some gratitude, people.

OK, I did mope yesterday. I sat there from somewhere after ten till two in the night, just staring and thinking stupid unhappy thoughts and playing half-desperate music again and again so I should not think clearly.

Woke up in the morning very tired and somewhat queasy. Not quite puking queasy, but not too well either. Went to work finally, and came home in the evening very tired and somewhat queasy ... Tacos don't help much, if anyone believed that.

Nothing dramatic this workday. But I was informed politely that I was supposed to apply for a position as instructor for the upcoming new wave of computer equipment and software that will be introduced later this year. Luckily it seems that this time it will be limited to our town office, no travelling around in the dark of the night to arrange seminars in various smaller towns and counties around the whole province or further. I would probably not do that. This will however require a few days in Oslo before I can start. I have mixed emotions about that. Oslo is a hole, in my humble opinion, but there live some great girls not too far away. (Don't get me wrong, I don't plan for anything carnal here. Just visiting some old friends. Flowers, dinner, movie, that kind of thing. We'll see how much time I get.)

I hope this doesn't happen to be on April 9th. I'm not absolutely positive, but I do suspect that I might attend the concert with Infinity in Kristiansand that night. I still have the impression that these youngsters play the best happy music ever made. (Which is somewhat ironic, given the day they've chosen to perform around here.)

The last few days I've gotten a load of impulses for my fiction story "Magiciens sans frontieres", while listening to music. Today I did something about it, wrote down a chapter. I am not sure how much of it I am going to retain. I may try to make it slightly more subtle. More troublematic is that I now have a gap in my story of several long chapters, and another gap before the next hightlight I'm ready to write. Well, if I (as usual) never publish anything, then it won't matter. For what it's worth, today's part is "Band 3: Descent to the underworld" and the next is "Band 2: The magic touch". (The lower the band number, the more ambient magic.)

Oh well, at least I myself have a good read. That's something. :)

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