Coded green.

Thursday 9 March 2006

Late winter road

Pic of the day: Road more or less travelled... on my way to work.

Commute too short

Seriously. You probably thought I joked, back when I said that I wished to move to a place with a longer commute. Actually, I thought I joked too. But now that I am here, I have to say, I miss the longer bus trip. Now I don't even have enough time to harvest my apple trees. Eh, that would be in the game Animal Crossing for the handheld Nintendo DS. I planned to play it on the bus, but the bus trips are so short now, it gets kinda rushed. And on my way back, I don't fall asleep until one or two stops before I am to jump off. Where I lived before, I could expect a good quarter of an hour naptime and come home refreshed for another evening of fun and games.

With barely enough time to maintain the little game world, there is of course not much chance to read Scientific American or the Norwegian Illustrert Vitenskap. I would rather not take