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Wednesday 31 March 2004

Computer in chaos

Pic of the day: Something is subtly different. The computer does not look quite like it used to. As well it shouldn't.

Notworking PC

You know what I hate about Windows XP? It is too user friendly. I guess the alternative could be even worse, but right now, I really wish I could just go in and set manually what network card it should use to connect to the Internet.

It all started while I slept, typically. Perhaps it was a thunderstorm, perhaps the utility company messing with something. When I woke up, my electric radio clock was reset during the night (and the alarm was turned off, naturally, so I overslept). But worse was to come. When I came into the living room, I found that the main computer (not the one I bought this winter but the previous one, with the Internet connection and my favorite software on it) had lost all interest in the Internet.

In the morning, I just assumed that my ISP had suffered some technical difficulty, as occasionally happens. But I came home in the afternoon and it still did not work. No Internet? Panic! In a cold sweat, I tried various software tricks, then picked up the USB network card that I got when I ordered ADSL. I connected it and it installed the drivers OK. But when I tried to connect with that card instead of the internal network card, no response. I delved into the properties and advanced properties of my network connection. I created new network connections to the Internet. They all seemed to default to the card that no longer worked. As the evening wore on, I had to admit defeat.

This, of course, is one reason why one should always have a couple extra machines in the house. And a 250 GB external harddisk. At first I used the portable, but eventually I caved in and carried the new desktop from the bedroom. I had planned to use it only for games since I was very satisfied with the software I had on the old one, and it runs quite fine as long as I don't try to play two DAoC accounts at the same time. But, the day is just not the same without Internet.

I had to transfer my journal archives. Luckily this was a snap with the portable disk. I also transferred my Opera web browser and mail reader. This worked quite well too ... until I discovered that all my bookmarks were gone, as was the entire mail setup and my address list. Waah! But at least I was online once more.

It was quite a learning experience. I wonder, in a few years, if I will feel as awkward if my pocket PC doesn't connect to the Internet? I understand people with mobile phones are at least as dependent on them...

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