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Friday 12 March 2004

Bedsheet cape

Pic of the day: Up, up and away! Captain Bedsheet is ready for takeoff!

More buying

OK, so it's not exactly a shopping spree. But I bought a new bedsheet today. Flannel, my favorite. Once again, these are textiles that are literally worn to pieces. And it is not all from my wearing them as capes when I go out to fight evil, either. Tossing and turning for six hours each night is more like it. (I don't have any memory of that when I wake up, of course. But I notice that my bed looks pretty chaotic in the morning, and I tend to wake up in a different position from how I went to sleep.)

That was my luxury this payday. Actually, I am happy to say that paydays don't make much difference in my life anymore. When I was younger, there would be things I could not do until payday. That's not something I normally see anymore. True, I usually pay my monthly stack of bills shortly after payday. It seems like a natural thing to do, even when I could have paid many of them right before payday as well from the same bank account. I am certainly not wealthy by Norwegian standards, but I normally have no worries either. This is good.

Not much else happened that I can tell you about. I have promised my workplace to not write about them, and the rest of the day (and quite a bit of the night as well) was spent doing the other thing I have promised not to write about.

Well, that is not exactly correct. I have promised not to tell anybody, but I have still been writing a lot. Several full-sized journal entries. I have also taken pictures, which I have of course promised not to give away or show to anybody either. As for writing, my wrist and hand are actually hurting again mostly from that. So I hope you will excuse me if I'm a bit short.

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