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Friday 5 March 2004

Azumanga Daioh ascii art

Pic of the day: That's "Osaka". From the same Azumanga Daioh flash animation I told you about yesterday. (Not recommended at most workplaces because of the loud cheerful music, although it is otherwise quite harmless.) "Osaka" is called Osaka because she comes from Osaka. She is a girl who wears her feelings on her outside, but her thoughts are so deep that most would drown in them ... including herself at times, as her spirit seems slightly too large for her brain.

Happy secrets

This is a very strange experience for me. I am so used to living my life in the open, perhaps too much so since I sometimes implicate friends and family. (I've tried to be very careful about that, though.) A secret identity would make no sense to me. I think there are pretty few parts of my life that I have not at least hinted at enough that those who want can guess the truth, and in most things I have been very open.

And now, that one of the most exciting and wished-for things in years has happened, I've promised to not tell. That's so unfair, in a way, although I understand perfectly why it must be so. It isn't up to me to tell the world about this for now. (Later, probably. But then I probably won't be so excited and it will all be different.)

I did not know anything until the afternoon. No, really. Yes, I had shown some interest, but I had not really thought it would happen. Not to me. Not when there are so many others who acted much more eager. (I don't doubt that at least those young ones actually were more eager, too. But if they thought clamoring for attention would get it, they were sorely mistaken. ^_^)


After the first "I cannot believe this" reaction, I set about preparing as best I could. Suddenly the evening was way too short. There were things I simply did not have. Things I had to find out. And mental preparation. As I said, I did not really expect this to happen, at least not now. I was a tiny bit nervous too, let me admit, because I knew I would be clumsy and ignorant and quite possibly make a fool of myself. As if anyone cared about that...

Yes, I've been in similar situations before, but it's quite a while ago, and not quite the same. I've read a lot about it, and I guess I've imagined sometimes. But that's not quite the same thing. So I was pretty excited.

I was late. I was also absolutely pickled in snot, having the worst head cold I can remember in my life! That sucks, because there are times when you really don't want to take your hands off what you're doing, much less turn away, and blow your nose. Meh. Go go Fate! Nice one!

Even so, the action began pretty soon after I arrived, and it was past five in the morning when I finally fell asleep. I wish I could describe it from beginning to end, but ... I've promised not to, it wouldn't be right anyway, and most importantly: It would be out and out boring to you. That's the sad truth. You would go "What's with that? That's pathetic. What a loser! I have much more fun."

Perhaps so. But for me, it was a dream come true. Which dream is probably obvious to two or three of you. The casual reader also think they know, but they are dead wrong. Which is just what I intended! ^_^

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