Tuesday 22 June 1999


Pic of the day: Garlic flatbread with garlic mayonnaise, one of the not so obvious advantages of living alone. (Norwegians tend towards rabid irrational hatred of garlic smell... insert jokes about wooden stakes etc as needed.)

Strange dream of the night: Dreamt that one of my toes fell off. My left big toe, to be more exact. I was just arriving at the residence of the SuperGirl's family, now located in southern Tulune. SuperGirl's father was quite unconcerned (if the standard Freudian interpretation was to be used, he would probably been overjoyed...) but recommended that I find a phone directory and call a doctor. His son helpfully let me borrow the hydrogen peroxide solution to clean the wound. It turned out that there wasn't any blood or such. The break-off was obviously the result of a long gradual process, for both the toe and the foot were covered with skin, thinner towards the middle, with a small pink spot in the middle. I found some black plastic brace that could hold the toe in place for a while, but as it had no blood connection with the body it would die shortly if I did not get to the doctor. Which I did not, doing various other tasks instead. Such as examining the back of the peroxide brother, who was more concerned about his back acne than my dying toe. The dream ended unresolved.

And now - because y'all are certain to be more interested in this than in the war in Europe or the chance of getting an eco-freak for president in the world's only remaining superpower - it is my pleasure to announce that yesterday I actually had an orgasm again. You know, according to SuperGirl's prof, adult life consists of three stages. First you worry about sex. Then you worry about money. And finally you worry about your bowels. Well, now I'm 40 (believe it or not) and I don't look forward to that money thing ...
Anyway, the lucky recipient of my sacred sperm was my trusty old boxer shorts (developed for your comfort and style by Dressmann and made in China). So who is my dream lover? The bright and beautiful SuperGirl? Her babelicious / luscious sister? One of the innumerable cuties at my workplace, where they hang run around all day filling the air with female pheromones? Or perhaps one of our irreligious camgirls? Nah. A chubby female soldier in field uniform. Come on?! I want my sperm back.


It's evening, and it seems much of the Net is gone. Just gone. My best guess is that part of the American backbone is broken. I can for instance not get to the Xoom pages where Nova Notes entries lie, to read the latest entry. Nor can I get to the Open Pages, which I tend to use to navigate to some of the other web journals. On the bright side, I got through to Shmuel and Squishy. Except Pamie of Squishy has lost her voice and can't update for a week...

Now Shmuel is gone too. Hardly a digging accident, then, if it keeps spreading.

Wonder what is going on? Serb virus? Overload? The Norwegian corner of the net seems fast as ever so far, only one link had stopped working since the morning. I rarely have problems with slow access here: The Norwegian ISPs have invested heavily in infrastructure. I look forward to the next level, where the whole telephone net will be converted to IP. There will be no other telephone than Internet phone. Already the price is the same for local calls, national calls and internet calls. International calls are sure to follow with the new structure, since there will be no difference between voice calls and other Internet access. This could be fun, fun, fun. Particularly if you know someone interesting in another country.

Bonus for my Norwegian readers! Untranslatable Norwegian quote of the day:
"Min litterære muse har fått musesyken."

Switched back to the English version of Opera. Installed the Norwegian version on this laptop, but got utterly fed up with having to press Alt-v-v-downarrow instead of alt-w for the window menu. I tend to have at least a couple windows open fullscreen at the same time and switch between them.


Installed Digger, a Norwegian program for looking at ads and get paid for it. Except that I've had it on 3 machines already and never got anything out of it. One machine crashed. One went out of use. And on the third, I forgot the password... But hope springs eternal, right?

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