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Thursday 14 June 2001

Jogging shoes

Pic of the day: Asics. They look too cool for my feet, but then again I rarely show pictures of my feet.

A change of pace

I don't know when time started to act up on me. Sometime during the last year. Perhaps the last half year. I am nor sure. But somehow my daily ration of time has been shortened. Very subtly. My clocks still tick through 60 minutes each hour, but I can feel that there are only 45, if that. The things that used to take an hour and a half now take two or more. Among them writing this journal, I am sorry to say.

I have long spent more time on this than it looks like. I edit, even rewrite. I often write two entries a day, sometimes three, before choosing which one to upload. (This does not speak well of the quality of those others, but I am not always certain I choose the right one.)

Add the fact that my mouse arm is starting to ache again, and you may guess what way this is going. No, I do not plan to stop writing my journal. Or even take a hiatus, pause, vacation ... But I will not write a whole lot when I have only little to say. I will not write just out of habit.

There are some things that require a lot of space to put all the puzzles together. And some things don't. Like buying a new pair of jogging shoes.


The idea of me jogging in the first place may seem utterly alien, especially to those who remember me when I was actually overweight. And I'm certainly not one who love great physical exertion. But I do walk around a bit, and sometimes I even move a little bit faster than a walk, though not for long. I have noticed that even my old jogging shoes are better for this than the everyday shoes. But the old jogging shoes are cheap and do unspeakable things to parts of my feet if I use them for more than a kilometer or so at a time.

Hopefully these will be better. I did not buy the most expensive, or the next to most expensive. "You can see I'm not into running" I said to the young partly bearded fellow at the shop. But these should have good shock absorption, which will come in handy when I use them on road. Besides, they look immensely cool. I barely feel worthy to wear them. But they are actually around half the price of SuperWoman's pair, which only looked 20% cooler.

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