Coded green.

Friday 23 June 2000


Pic of the day: More gold and green forest.

Here beside the news of holy war and holy need
ours is just a little sorrowed talk
And I don't cry for yesterday;
there's an ordinary world
somehow I have to find ...

(Duran Duran:Ordinary world)

Almost ordinary

Slice of life: I came out of the office and passed by two men. The following snippet of conversation hit my ears as I passed:
A: "So, how are things going with you?"
B (with conviction): "Going to hell!"
A: "Oh no! Not again!"

Life isn't always easy, I guess.

In comparison, I guess I have a fairly good time. True, I'm playing Master of Magic on St John's Wake instead of making out. I guess that qualifies as pretty pitiful. On the other hand, it could have been worse. I could have been married, for instance. Working overtime to afford various luxury items for wife and ungrateful kids, not to mention paying and paying on the loans for a freaking big house that just means more painting, more washing, more repairs and bigger heating bills. Blah. "Just say no."


It's a good thing I did not go on a spending binge this month. Even for a single man, expenses will crop up occasionally. For instance, I bought a pair of inside soles for my shoes yesterday. The idea was to avoid the burning sore feet, and it seems to have helped a bit already. I bought the type that the old lady at the shoe shop used herself. Those folks walk and stand all day, so they should know it. I guess they get them cheaper, though. I have bought shoes that were not much more expensive than this. (But those shoes did not last out the week...)

I've also ordered an upgrade to 64 MB RAM for the portable in the hope of avoiding these frequent crashes. Software these days may find it a bit hard to believe that there is only 32 MB of memory. And the computer overheats while playing The Sims, which was definitely not made for yesteryear's computers. The real frustration is however that I reset the computer with the reset button probably twice as often as I actually turn it on. This could be mainly because it is a Toshiba, and that they spend their money on marketing rather than on quality control. But it could also come from me trying to multitask with too little RAM. I don't relish the thought of my reset button wearing out in the near future, so I'll risk the expense.

Finally, I've ordered the catalog from NKI, a Norwegian institute for distance learning. Again. I occasionally start taking courses but always drop out before I'm finished. New of this time is that they offer several courses over the Net. Now I feel a lot more comfortable with e-mail than snail mail (as you may have noticed if you are friends or relatives). So I entertain the notion that I might actually stick with a course this time. Don't hold your breath, though. When was the last time you saw me finish anything?

What do you mean, spending spree? It's all necessary basics... OK, but at least it is not pure vainglorious display of money. I'm through playing peacock. (That's a story in itself, but not for today.)

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